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About us

Pole-Position Logistics, Svalbard - Agency and Logistics

Svalbard’s unique location high up in the Arctic Ocean means that cargo and freight can only be arranged via air or sea. Pole-Position Logistics works with Jetpak, DHL, and Bring and has an extensive network of suppliers so that we can arrange and offer you the fastest and most affordable solutions. We will take care of any shipment for you, from a small parcel to a pallet or container – no shipment is too big or too small for us!

Ship-Log, Denmark - Logistics

SHIP-LOG is based in Aarhus, Denmark, and is an expert at creating logistics solutions with one point of contact. They work with their dedicated Greenland team in close cooperation with Roal Arctic to ensure safe delivery in Greenland. SHIP-Log is a member of the North Atlantic Agency.

JetPak, Norway - Logistics

Jetpak is sometimes referred to as the Rolls Roys of logistics, meaning that they deliver at a level above most else. Door to door solutions within hours is something that is often requested from vessel clients. Jetpak is a member of North Atlantic Agency.  

F.K. Warren, Canada - Agency and Logistics

F.K.Warren handles all ports in Canada and the US Great lakes, with their dedicated and experienced agency team. From helping you navigate the necessary permissions for the Canadian arctic to drawing up logistics solutions for Canada, F.K. Warren is the partner you need and they are a member of the North Atlantic Agency.