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All infection prevention rules for COVID-19 have been lifted both domestically and at the Icelandic border,
regardless of tourists’ vaccination status. Note, that it varies what rules apply at the borders of other countries.

From the 18th of May 2022, there are no longer any restrictions on entry to Greenland. All Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted for entry into Greenland.

Faroe Islands
The Faroese Government has removed all covid restrictions since the 1st of March following promising covid developments over the past months.

The Norwegian government has decided to discontinue the requirement of a negative test for Covid-19 prior to departure to, and after arrival in Svalbard. People who are not vaccinated must still present a negative test before embarking on aircraft up to Svalbard. During the pandemic, the Governor of Svalbard (Sysselmesteren) would deny access to the port if there was a case on board. This regulation has been removed. However, the Governor still has the power to deny a vessel the right to call in Svalbard if the situation requires it. At the moment it seems that each case will have to be handled separately. Some operators insist that their crew members must stay in quarantine for seven days before embarking on the vessel. This might be a good idea for other ports but due to the limited availability of hotels in Longyearbyen, this is nearly impossible to achieve.

As of October 1, 2022, all travelers arriving in Canada will no longer have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter Canada or meet COVID-19 testing, quarantine, or isolation requirements. All travelers will also no longer have to submit their public health information through ArriveCAN. More information can be found here: COVID-19 Border Measures - Canada.ca

Transport Canada is also removing existing travel requirements. As of October 1, 2022, travelers will no longer be required to:

  • Undergo health checks for travel on air and rail;
  • Wear masks on planes and trains.

Although the masking requirement is being lifted, all travelers are strongly recommended to wear high-quality and well-fitted masks during their journeys.

Cruise measures will also be lifted. Travelers will no longer be required to have pre-board tests, be vaccinated, or use ArriveCAN. A set of guidelines will remain to protect passengers and crew, which will align with the approach used in the United States.