Fara á efnissvæði
About us

Behind NAA are the three largest transportation companies in the North: Eimskip, Royal Arctic Line, and Faroe Ship. Logistics is our specialty and with our members in Norway, Denmark, Svalbard, and Canada, we can deliver anything to and from anywhere.


SHIP-LOG is based in Aarhus, Denmark, and is an expert at creating logistics solutions with one point of contact. They work with their dedicated Greenland team in close cooperation with Roal Arctic to ensure safe delivery in Greenland. SHIP-Log is a member of the North Atlantic Agency.


Jetpak is sometimes referred to as the Rolls Roys of logistics, meaning that they deliver at a level above most else. Door-to-door solutions within hours is something that is often requested from vessel clients. Jetpak is a member of the North Atlantic Agency.

Faroe Express

Faroe Express is a comprehensive transportation company that offers all services related to import and export to and from the Faroe Islands, and a full range of transit services around the world. As a part of the Eimskip Group, we are affiliated with major transport companies around the world, utilizing the broad service networks and production systems of our partners.