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North Atlantic Agency

We are your gateway to the North Atlantic and Arctic

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The North Atlantic Agency constitutes a business-to-business network comprising cruise ports and destinations situated within the North Atlantic/Arctic region. Commencing our journey in 2014 with a trio of founding members, our network has since expanded to encompass approximately 11 members spanning across more than seven countries. Acting as representatives for our esteemed members, we offer the wider cruise and logistics industry an unwaveringly professional and dependable partnership, augmenting value for all maritime vessels and their esteemed passengers.


The North Atlantic Agency stands as an exceptional alliance built upon foundations of trust, collaborative teamwork, diversity, and extensive geographical coverage. Its presence spans the exquisite coastlines from Greenland to Svalbard, encompassing key territories such as Denmark, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Canada, and Iceland. This remarkable degree of diversity empowers the North Atlantic Agency to continually refine and excel in harnessing local expertise and cutting-edge technology, tailored for shipping and logistical services within the North Atlantic/Arctic domain. It is my earnest aspiration that the North Atlantic Agency emerges as your foremost reservoir of information and pivotal networking connections within the Arctic sphere. - Elísabet S Reinhardsdóttir, North Atlantic Agency, Key Account Manager