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Behind North Atlantic Agency are the three largest transportation companies in the North: Eimskip, Royal Arctic Line, and Faroe Ship. Logistics is our specialty and with our members in Norway, Denmark, Svalbard, and Canada, we can deliver anything to and from anywhere.


TVG-Zimsen is a comprehensive transportation company that offers all services related to importing and exporting, and a full range of transit services around the world. TVG-Zimsen is affiliated with major transport companies around the world, utilizing the broad service networks and production systems of our partners.

TVG-Zimsen offers agency logistics services, connecting its agency services with the worldwide logistics portfolio of TVG-Zimsen.

We serve all types of vessels, such as container ships, bulk ships, military ships, research ships, and cruise vessels.


Eimskip Greenland offers transportation solutions and logistic services worldwide. As Line Operators, we cover Eimskip’s destinations weekly via Reykjavik, Reydarfjordur, Thorshavn, Aarhus, Aalborg, and Helsingborg. We can arrange the pickup of LCL and FCL shipments to all destinations. 

We offer the following services through Eimskip Greenland:

  • Door-to-Door-Services
  • Daily Air Consolidation services for Greenland
  • Dangerous goods handling (IMDG) and classified staff
  • Experienced and educated staff
  • LCL and FCL for Sea freight
  • North Atlantic Sea and Air coverage incl. Iceland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, USA, Canada and more 
  • Original documentation processing and Customs Handling
  • Ship spare logistics for the Fish Industry
  • Special Equipment for Sea Transportation
  • Tailor-made Logistics Solutions
  • Temperature-controlled cargo handling for Sea and Airfreight
  • Track and Trace services
  • Warehouse services and 3PL (third-party logistics)
  • Worldwide logistics services to and from Greenland

Faroe Express

Faroe Express is one of the North Atlantic Agency's partners. Faroe Express is a comprehensive transportation company that offers all services related to import and export to and from the Faroe Islands, and a full range of transit services around the world. As a part of the Eimskip Group, we are affiliated with major transport companies around the world, utilizing the broad service networks and production systems of our partners.


F.K. Warren Ltd is one of the North Atlantic Agency's members. F.K. Warren Ltd offers logistic services to all customers including crew transportation, crew medical, spare part delivery, and coordination of required equipment.

F.K. Warren Ltd has their own freight forwarding division, which is a fully owned subsidiary called Cyberfreight Systems Maritimes Inc.  Cyberfreight offers reliable and economical assistance to importers and exporters moving products into or out of Canada via land, air, or sea. Over the past decade, a range of cargo has been handled including snow, live cattle, machinery, forest products, food products, personal effects, construction materials, and automobiles. Whether you are importing or exporting containers or unique products F.K. Warren and Cyberfreight offer personalized service to assist you in all regions of Canada.  


Eimskip Denmark A/S, a member of the North Atlantic Agency, believes in service and personality. As one of the leading Northern European providers of Liner shipping services & supply chain logistics, Eimskip Denmark A/S knows the importance of service commitment and consistently provides cost-saving opportunities through state-of-the-art logistics and innovative business implementation models. 

The prime focus is transport and logistics services to and from the North Atlantic region (the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland) with a unique and flexible set-up door-to-door, including our three weekly arrivals in Denmark via the Eimskip Group’s network. In addition, Eimskip Denmark A/S is focusing on customer-adapted global import and export logistics, transport, and logistics services by Sea, Air, Road, and Courier. 

From the premium location at the port of Aarhus (directly on the APM Terminal), Eimskip Denmark A/S will continue to expand the present warehouse activities within all types of goods handling, including the manufacturing of wooden packaging solutions, etc. 

Eimskip Denmark A/S has at present a +30,000 sqm indoor storage/warehouse capacity and a +100,000 sqm outdoor space for handling and storage. 

In addition, Eimskip Denmark A/S offers all varieties of execution and handling of customs import/export documentation, including veterinary documentation, and offers all types of road transport through our haulage business Atlantic Trucking, providing both national and cross-frontier transportation of general cargo, full-loads, all kinds of container haulage and specialty transports. 

This is Eimskip Denmark:

  • Air Freight
  • Atlantic Trucking
  • Chartering
  • Sea & Air
  • Eimskip Liner Services
  • Global Courier Services
  • North Atlantic Logistics
  • Ocean Freight
  • Project Logistics Management & Heavy Lift logistics
  • Segment Solutions
    • Defense Logistics
    • Food Logistics
    • Pharmaceutical Logistics
    • Renewable energy Logistics
    • Wine & Spirits Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehousing

Eimskip Denmark A/S welcomes you to the Eimskip Group – welcomes you to innovation through logistics. Eimskip Denmark A/S is looking forward to serving you with all your logistical needs and requirements. 

For more information please visit www.eimskip.com - We simply deliver®


Jetpak is one of the North Atlantic Agency's members. Jetpak is on time in no time! They provide fast, precise, reliable, and easy-to-use door-door delivery service 24/7/365 within all of Europe.


Pole Position Logistics, one of North Atlantic Agency's members, is ready to assist whether with a small package or a large project shipment. Providing local businesses, scientific stations, the cruise, and the mining industry with reliable and competitive transport has made Pole Position Logistics a specialist in shipment to and from Svalbard.