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Nuuk's New International Airport Opening This Year

Nuuk's new international airport will open on November 28, 2024.

November 28, 2024, will mark a significantly historic day for Greenland and Nuuk, as the new airport, and its 2,200-meter runway will be ready to welcome its first flights.

Jens Lauridsen, Managing Director of Kalaallit Airports, expresses profound pride in this momentous achievement: "The opening of the airport marks a milestone eagerly awaited. We take immense pride in reaching this pivotal moment where we announce the completion and opening of the airport."

The inauguration of Nuuk's new international airport will unfold in two phases. Initially, the unveiling of the airport's new structures, including the impressive terminal, is slated for early May 2024. This milestone will be commemorated with a smaller-scale ceremony and celebration.

However, the grand opening is scheduled for Thursday, November 28, 2024, featuring the operational debut of the 2,200-meter runway. Jens Lauridsen underscores the transformative potential of the new international airport for Greenland's development: "We believe the airport will be a game-changer, not just for Nuuk but for the entire country. The grand opening and celebration will underscore the significance of this historic event."

Lauridsen reveals that Kalaallit Airports A/S has engaged in discussions with an impressive roster of 27 stakeholders, including airlines and airport companies, through prominent platforms like Routes. Routes, an esteemed international conference, serves as a nexus where route developers converge annually to explore collaborative opportunities.

Lauridsen sets the stage for aviation transformation, foreseeing the summer of 2025 as a pivotal season marked by the arrival of at least one new airline to Nuuk. While withholding specific details on the involved operators, Lauridsen underscores the multifaceted factors influencing route development beyond mere runway capabilities.

Further details regarding the upcoming events will be revealed later this year.