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Gára Port Agency, Iceland - Agency and Logistics

Gára ehf. stands as a founding member of the North Atlantic Agency, an agency that has been delivering services to all Icelandic ports since 1994. Whether orchestrating a 3200-passenger turnaround operation or assisting expedition vessels and superyachts in their quest for adventurous landings, the team at Gára boasts unparalleled experience and unwavering dedication.


Faroe Ship Agency, Faroe Islands - Agency and Logistics

Nestled within the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands remain a well-kept secret, a genuine culinary treasure waiting to beckon you toward an exciting journey. The adept team at Faroe Ship possesses extensive expertise in accommodating various vessel types across all ports in the Faroe Islands. Serving as a foundational partner of the North Atlantic Agency, Faroe Ship Agency adds its essence to this collaborative network.


Eimskip Greenland

Providing global transportation solutions and logistics services is the hallmark of Eimskip Greenland. Operating as Line Operators, we ensure comprehensive coverage of Eimskip’s destinations every week, with connections through Reykjavik, Reydarfjordur, Thorshavn, Aarhus, Aalborg, and Helsingborg. We are equipped to facilitate the pickup of both Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) shipments to all destinations.


Pole-Position Logistics, Svalbard - Agency and Logistics

Svalbard's distinct positioning in the Arctic Ocean necessitates cargo and freight arrangements exclusively through air or sea transport. At Pole-Position Logistics, our collaboration extends with Jetpak, DHL, and Bring, alongside an expansive supplier network, ensuring swift and cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs. Whether it's a minor parcel, a pallet, or even a container, we undertake the responsibility of managing every shipment, demonstrating our ability to handle a diverse range of cargo sizes.

Eimskip, Denmark - Logistics

Eimskip Denmark A/S, a member of the North Atlantic Agency, offers door-to-door transport and logistic services. Focusing on Iceland and the Faroe Islands, and connections to Canada and the United States of America. Furthermore, Eimskip Denmark has weekly services to Finland, The Baltics, and Russia. 

Eimskip offers transport by road, sea, and air for all types of cargo i.e. part-, full-load, and breakbulk handled by our own trucking company, warehouses, customs, and service department with dedicated and experienced staff. Eimskip is also specialized in handling and securing over-dimensioned cargo to all destinations worldwide.

Eimskip has achieved an Elite smiley which is controlled by the Danish food authorities. As a certified company, Eimskip strives to fulfill current food safety legislation. See Eimskip's smiley reports here.

JetPak, Norway - Logistics

Jetpak is occasionally likened to the epitome of excellence in logistics, often referred to as the "Rolls-Royce" of the industry due to their unparalleled delivery standards. Catering to the frequent requests for swift door-to-door solutions within hours from vessel clients, Jetpak excels in fulfilling these demands. It's noteworthy that Jetpak is a valued member of the North Atlantic Agency, further solidifying their expertise and collaboration within the network.  

F.K. Warren, Canada - Agency and Logistics

F.K.Warren handles all ports in Canada and the US Great lakes, with their dedicated and experienced agency team. From helping you navigate the necessary permissions for the Canadian arctic to drawing up logistics solutions for Canada, F.K. Warren is the partner you need and they are a member of the North Atlantic Agency. 


Discover True North, Iceland, Greenland, Norway

NAA has teamed up with Iceland’s leading experts in bespoke travel, Discover True North. Through this cooperation we are able to service superyacht clients with unforgettable experiences in Iceland, Greenland and Norway.


Skipakostur, Iceland

Local cuisine is one of the main reasons people like to travel. This is why it is important to be able to help our clients with sourcing the best local produce. Skipakostur does not limit themselves to food but can take care of all supply needs from fresh fish to spare parts.

Skeljungur and Magn

Our dedicated members at Skeljungur sells fuel and lubricants in Iceland, as well as the Faroe Islands through subsidiary Magn.