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About us

Gára Port Agency, Iceland - Agency and Logistics

Gára ehf.  Services all ports in Iceland, since 1994. Weather it is a 3200 pax turnaround operation or helping expedition vessels and superyachts on their search for adventure landings, the team at Gára is the most experience and dedicated. Gára is a founding partner of North Atlantic Agency.


Faroe Ship Agency, Faroe Islands - Agency and Logistics

Faroe Ship Agency the Faroe Islands, the best-kept secret in the North Atlantic, a true culinary gem, ready to invite you on an adventure. The agency team at Faroe Ship is experienced in servicing all types of vessels in all Faroese ports. Faroe Ship agency is a founding partner of the North Atlantic Agency.


Royal Arctic Line Agency and Forwarding, Greenland - Agency and Logistics

Royal Arctic Line For those familiar with the magic of Greenland know that you need a local person to plan and execute your port call. Someone who speaks the language knows the landscape and ice. RAL has offices in all ports in Greenland and Gorm and John are on your back and call every step of the way. Royal Arctic Line is a founding partner of the North Atlantic Agency.